Mexican pottery from Morelos.

Mexican pottery from Morelos are made of mexican mood, you can find different kind of handicrafts made of this, things like: dishes, mug, casseroles, mezcal jars among some other different things.

itmes made of mexican mud

Mexican pottery: dishes, cups, mugs and casseroles from Morelos.

Mexican mud is not only a base cultural element of our country, but is also part of all the items we use every day. Potters get to make everything from pozole dishes, coffee cups, vases, mugs, casseroles, trays, mezcal jars among other ornaments to decorate our houses. We can buy Mexican mud in many markets in the country and even at fairs and supermarkets. However, there are many questions to ask us about these pieces, how are they asked? Where do they come from?

Where I can find Mexican pottery from Morelos.? dishes, cups, mugs, casseroles, and mezcal jars.

In Mexico there is a site called Morelos where mud is a key element of its identity.In Morelos there is a site called “Tlayacapan” and this is where the Mud Fair takes place every November.Potters with clay and mud have been able to add the ideal elements to turn it into popular art worth buying, gifting or collecting, things like dishes, cups, mugs, casseroles, mezcal jars and mexican pottery.

However the mud of Morelos is not the only one that exists, we also have the polychrome mud of Izúcar in Puebla, in addition to the glazed mud of Pátzcuaro, the burnished mud of Tlaxcala among many more.Definitely if there are some places whose main tourist attraction is pottery, this is the case of Tlayacapan, known for the elaboration of scoops and casseroles, as well as decorative figures.

Mexican mud from Puebla

What are Mexican pottery (dishes, cups, mugs, casseroles, mezcal jars) from Morelos made of?

There are different types of clay, among them this white clay called “Kaolin”, in other states of the republic such as Veracruz, you can find the mud in the natural state since the context makes the clay perfect to work with, that´s the reason is so easy create different things like dishes, cups, mugs, casseroles and mezcal jars.

Another uses of clay are masks applied by healers and shamans, since the pre-Hispanics worked the earth and clay with their own hands to be able to make pieces for everyday life, this as vessels and jars or even figures of gods of different cultures, gradually perfecting their technique until she reaches the technique that currently characterizes her “the baking of mud”.

There are different techniques in the country, however, working with enamel or lacquer helps to give a distinguished shine to each piece of clay.

Where do you get the materials to make Mexican pottery?

Mexican mud items from Puebla

The potters of the area express that there are two lands to which they go before it is rainy season, laden with land coasts since from there they extract the raw material for their works, which is mud and clay.

How do you make Mexican pottery from Morelos.?

After they extract the soil from the grounds, the clay is ground to be able to bake it, through this process the impurities are removed from the ground, after this, they add some water to the mud, they begin to mold the piece and flatten it if necessary, from the finish you start to place enamel on it, once the piece is completely dry then proceed to put it in the oven to have the final product the piece. It is important to say that each work is handmade by expert potters who take several hours to develop each article.

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