Mexican piñatas.

If you live in Mexico you will know that one of the most important elements of Mexican festivals are piñatas. In addition to being recognized internationally as an icon of Mexican culture. These crafts are originally made of mud, have colorful decorations and are full of winter fruits, such as lime, cane, tangerine and tejocote. You can also add sweets and peanuts. Although currently piñatas not only have this shape, as they can now be made in different colors and different characters.

In 1586 it was when the friars of Acolman de Nezahualcóyotl, in the state of Mexico were able to celebrate the “masses of aguinaldo”, which would in time become inns. In these masses it was where the tradition of piñata began to emerge.

Originally piñatas used to be clay pots, to which Chinese paper of different colors was added, and which with their huge peaks represented the 7 deadly sins. in representing these sins, the ritual participants had to cover their eyes and destroy them with a stick.

The stick symbolizes the virtues before temptations and candy and treats are a symbol of the riches in the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, by defeating sins with virtue it is possible to receive all the riches and rewards of the kingdom of heaven.

Where to find Mexican piñatas?

Piñatas can be found almost all over Mexico, but there are places like Acolman in the State of Mexico, where there is even an event called “La Feria de la Piñata”. Within the CDMX during the season you can find a wide variety of traditional Mexican mud piñatas in the following markets.

Coyoacán Market, Portal Market, Sonora Market, Jamaican Market, Tlalpan and Xochimilco Market.Fall in love and take at least one.

When should we break them?

Mexican piñatas usually break in December during the Christmas season. However, at children’s birthday parties they are also usually occupied.

How can I make my own Christmas piñata?


  • A balloon.
    • Periodic.
    • Grouping or white glue.
    • Colored paper.
    • Scissors.
    • Adhesive tape.

1.Inflate the balloon and cover it with several layers of newspaper pieces and thicken until the bucket is very thick.

2.When it is dry you can already jog the balloon. Then use a cardboard card to be able to make cones and paste layers of newspaper with grouping, so you can make the peaks of the piñata.

3.Glue the peaks to the balloon with tape and reinforce.

4.Garnish with colored paper, remember to put strips hanging on each of the beaks.

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