Jalisco Blown Glass.

Blown glass is a technique used to manufacture glass objects, and is made through the creation of molten glass bubbles. Air is injected through a long, metal tube, and through a machine or with your mouth it blows from the other end.

This technique that only includes glass, heat and air can create beautiful functional and decorative pieces.


It all started in 4000 a.C, when the man hadn’t discovered the glass yet. At that time the men sought to make the most of a type of glass called “obsidian”, which emerged from the remains of volcanic eruptions, however, they later discovered the recipe to be able to manufacture glass: with sand, vegetable ash and lime. This ash was used to melt the sand and lime helped protect the material from moisture.

In 1500 a.C the people of Mesopotamia and Egypt began to shape by placing glass, and the nuclei were removed so that they could leave the hollow part of the containers.And not only were bowls created, but also glass tiles.

The best glass blowers were in the Middle East. But during the Middle Ages, in the city of Venice, came the glass blowing process and became the center of glass blowing production, also by this time glass was started to be used for windows and bottles.

Glass in México.

The tradition of making blown glass crafts still exists in Tonalá, a town in the State of Jalisco in Mexico. Here the artisans make unique pieces. This technique is very old as we mentioned above, however, this technique arrived in Jalisco from the twentieth century and that is where many workshops of this craftsmanship began to emerge and gradually becoming the capital of blown glass in Mexico.

Where can I find the best blown-glass in Tonalá?

Here are 3 different places where you can find blown glass in Guadalajara:

  • Cristaluc: Here you can find many very unique designs that will be difficult to find in other stores besides being recognized for their high quality in their products
  • The New Crystal Triangle: Full of energy and Mexican color.
  • Cristacolor: On this site you can find complex pieces that go beyond just commonly used glasses and objects.

How much does blown-glass cost?

Prices for blown glass vary radically from piece to piece and from store to store.You can find glasses from $30 to $5,000 or $6,000, usually this costs the most complex candiles or ornaments.

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