Worries-removing guatemalan dolls.

The worries removing are very small figures, originating in Guatemala.

This is a tradition of Guatemala’s Mayan Indians, and he says that when children are worried, suffer from nightly fears or have nightmares, you can give them sticky dolls to put under their bed before bedtime.The next day the legend says the worries will be gone.

Worries dolls

According to legend, the doll will replace you to care about the problem for you.  So you can sleep peacefully. Later when the person wakes up, she will be relieved as the worries will have stayed in the monkey, but, do not forget to caress the monkey so that the sorrows we have left in him do not hurt.

 “The worries-removing dolls take away the sorrows I have, tell them very short, and heal them in silence. And under my pillow my dolls always sleep and if I have any sorrow I don’t wake up. And I who never believed in amulets or sorcerers, explain to me what I do by counting grief to dolls.”-Tontxu-

The worries dolls usually measure between 10 and 20 millimetres and are handmade, have a base of wire and wood but can be added with mud, cardboard and dressed in aguayo fabric.

Currently the monkeys are not only made for children but also for adult tourists, usually sold in boxes or sagging in groups of 6 or 7, using one for each day of the week.

guatemalan dolls

Usually when you buy them come with the following instructions:

* Focus on bedtime concern.
* Tell your wrist what we want you to wear.
* Place the doll under the pillow.
* Caresses on the belly of the wrist so that your sorrows do not hurt and in the morning, they will be gone!!!

Today you can find mingle dolls in Guatemala and tall Chiapas; they are characteristic because they are a doll representing the indigenous women of the region, called Chamulas for belonging to the Chamula ethnic group. It is also important to note that the colors of the garments that have the stained-off dolls have meaning;

  • White symbolizes air, sacred word, and purity.
  • Yellow represents earth and work.
  • Red is the symbol of fire and wisdom in the Mayan worldview, representing life and energy.
  • And the black one representing water, or the origin of life, death, rest and germination.

"Ramon the worried

It’s a children’s story that talks about pity-wearing dolls, and this is their context:

Ramon was a concerned child, he cared about a lot of things, he cared about hats, shoes, clouds, rain etc… his parents tried to reassure him at night, “nothing will happen to you, they are things that only happen in your imagination,” but Ramon was still worried.

mayan dolls

One day he spent the night at his granny’s house, but he was so worried he couldn’t fall asleep, so he got up and tell his granny.

Grandma told her that when she was her age she also cared about many things, but luckily she had dolls that relieved her sorrow, these were the make-up dolls, she told her that these dolls could be told all their worries before sleeping and placing them under their pillow, so she could sleep better and they would take care of him and care about him.

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