Fall in love with Mexican Alebrijes.

What is an Alebrije? What is it made from?

Alebrije is a type of handicraft native to Mexico to the alebrije is also called Nahuatkzosquit. These are handicrafts made with the technique of carpentry and carving in copal wood that are painted with mostly cheerful and vibrant colors.

History of Alebrijes.

Don Pedro Linares Lopez was a Handcrafter in México City who got sick when he was only 30 years old. His family was going through a very hard situation while he fell deeply asleep. Some people even say he died for a while but those are just rumors, but he survived and he recovers his health, giving to this world a new and incredible idea from México to the World.

He said, while he was asleep, during his unconsciousness, He felt he was in a quiet forest crossed by rocky slopes where he frequently heard strange noises. After looked for the origin of those noises he discovered some extraordinary creatures appeared. And all of them constantly was saying at the same time the word: “Alebrije”.

Don Pedro said to have seen a donkey with wings and a rooster with bull horns. And in that same dream, a man appeared to him who indicated to him the way out of that fantastic world, arguing that it was not yet his time to be there.

After his deeply dream, and recovering his health, he started to make the same strange creatures using carton techniques. He called his creation “Alebrijes” as he remember from his dream.

Now this handicraft is a symbol of Mexican culture all over the world. And Pedro Linares show his creation on different parts of the World.


Where can you find them?

That´s true the first “alebrijes” was born in Mexico City but, also you can find them in Oaxaca in a town called “San Martin Tilcajete” where you can find Alebrijes with a touch of Zapoteca culture, and they have the believe about each human has their own magic animal who are going to guide you through your whole life.

You can find them in “Anahuacalli Museum in México City” where is the huge alebrije made by Pedro Linares asked for Diego Rivera.

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