Artisanal and Mexican women’s wallets. You’ll want to go to Mexico for them!

Why should we use Artisanal Mexican crafts?

Firstly, we all know the first thing we do when we go to Chiapas México, or perhaps a beautiful beach is going to an artisanal market. Even most important than food? well maybe I´m exaggerating but we all know Artisanal Mexican items are incredibly beautiful!

And we love them because of their quality, their history, their  Mexican taste, and because you also want to save a piece of México in your closet. On other hand, when you buy any artisanal market, you are supporting thousands of families to have a meal on their plate.

That´s why! today we are going to show you these beautiful pieces of Mexican folk, full of energy and color. 

Where can we find Handmade wallets?

Some can be found in shopping malls in small boutiques dedicated to Mexican items, others more in artisanal markets, others will even be selling indigenous people on the street. But these wallets always fill the craft markets with color and a lot of glamour!..

Let´s start with our handmade wallets selection!

These are some beautiful wallets woven in orange and aqua, you can also get them in many more colors, have flowers embodied in them, woven and handmade, inside, you can in most cases find a background in black, where you can save modern, documents or even credit cards and credentials.Also, the detail of the specks hanging from the edges, make the wallet much more glamorous at a first impression.

These are my favorites! The truth I came to have one that I kept for a long time, however, I lost it twice and the second time I got it back.I think this wallet with its multiple colors and different designs, give you a wide range of where to grab, and not only that, but also give a very special touch to your outfit.

There are stores in Mexico that specialize in exclusively leather items, stress all the things we can find there, are these wallets, not only are they durable and high quality, but also the designs are perfect if you are a fanatical person of the items made in leather, well, on the other hand, if you are vegan, I do not think this is an option for you.You can find it with different prints, this one for example has a Mayan calendar, but there are many others that you can find with the name of the city you visit, if you want it for a souvenir, but if not, you can also find it in smooth styles.Beautiful Mexican piece and most importantly, supporting the local market!

How to use them?

The first pieces are perfect for use in a white or beige outfit, this will bring life and energy to your outfit.But if, for example, you want to use the sobriety of the third piece, maybe it’s good for a spring or winter outfit!as skin tones almost always combine with everything and in any season of the year.

In short for our beautiful selection.

Unique parts, in different colors and options so you can use them with everything!It’s time to take a plane to Mexico and find them!why they’re worth it and they’ll last you many years!which makes them pro-fashion slow and an incredible option to support the Mexican market, families of artisans and local workers. 

LOVE. Gala

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