Guatemalan art to decorate your home!

Art for your home!

When you’re in an apartment maybe very white and minimalist sometimes it’s a little hard to find accessories that can help you bring color and joy to that place.

There are many types of paintings in the world of handicrafts but I have to say, that my visit to Guatemala left me captivated by this type of art.

Guatemalan Paintings “Birds eye view”.

These are two types of Guatemalan paintings , The first are “bird’s eye view” pictures because you can see everything from above, markets, fruits and people, as if you were a bird, since the textures of fruits, people’s heads. Everything you can see here is since the perspective of a bird.

Bird´s view painting from Antigua Guatemala.

And not only that, but also the colors that contrast so well with each other and that together manage to create a relief full of life, make the painting can fill with joy whereever it is put.

Guatemala paintings “Ant View”

The other type is “Ant View” and this is because of the whole context looks so big, it is very similar to the previous one, you can recognize here the markets, fruits, canoes, jungle, multicolored environments and besides that full of life, nature and daily life.

While “Bird’s Eye View” paintings view is usually all medium-sized or even with small elements, ant-view paintings usually have wide drawings, women’s skirts, fruits, and everything looks bigger, this can become obvious because of the tiny size of ants..

Guatemala´s painting “Ant view painting”

All Guatemalan paintings, regardless of whether they are of any of these styles, will be able to give a very special touch to your home, since in them you can find views of beautiful Guatemala, scenes of daily life, among many other things..

Guatemala full of art.

If you visit Guatemala, don’t forget to enter its art shops, and you will be amazed by the beautiful variety of works that you can find there..

Almost all of them are made to oil on fabric, and you can find a wide variety of sizes, contexts and colors, although I warn you, each of them will carry with it the essence of Guatemala in it..

Bird´s View Painting from Guatemala.
Ant´s view painting from Guatemala.

What do you thing? Which is your favorite? Would you use them at your home?

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