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Crafts are objects that fill our environment with culture. For many years, handicrafts have been part of the cultural richness of the countries. Whenever we go to a new place. We are likely to see craft shops everywhere. Surely, that is the place where we buy handicrafts for our loved ones or, so that they occupy a place on our shelf, in our closet or even in our body if it is a piece of jewelry.

Crafts help us gather information from our ancestors, our colors, customs, and traditions.

They can be a unique gift for the people we love, or a piece that distinguishes our outfit from the rest. This online crafts page, will allow you to find articles about unique pieces, unique gifts, unique clothing, since, we rely on handmade crafts by Mexican people and other communities of the world, we want to spread the beauty of their colors, textures, fabrics and shapes and take them to every possible corner.

As we grow, we can share these pieces with you and take them to your doorstep. The handcrafted pieces that you can find on our site are :

Handmade Jewelry:

We know how much you love jewelry, so we will be dedicating a good space of our site to these beautiful pieces of art.Handmade jewelry, made by the hands of travel jewelers even by housewives or expert craftsmen, will steal your heart and you always want to buy jewelry of this type.Wrapped wires, gold, silver and other materials you’re sure to love.

Unique and handmade clothing:

We know that the “Slow Fashion” is returning and we are very grateful for it. Inclusive, we would love to join the initiative with handcrafted pieces, embroidery and thick yarns, which we know will be in your closet for generations, and not only that. Besides because their designs will be so beautiful and vibrant. You will want to keep them forever.

Handmade Gifts:

A gift is a gesture of care and love, a gift is also a piece that we want our friends to keep and whenever they see it remember us, then, a handmade gift for your friends is the best option. So you can find recommendations here and futurely, a shop of handmade pieces so you can give it to those you love the most without you leaving your home.

Handmade decoration for your home.

Every corner of your house should be full of color and textures from a different and beautiful part of the world. Because so, all the good vibe would be in it, definitely having a house enriched with culture and color is the best place to develop. That’s right, all this and more you can find on our blog, so if you want to be a part of it, do not hesitate to subscribe so that you can receive our newsletters and offers.

We are here to share with you some beautiful tutorials about how to use mexican handicraft and also! How to do them!. We have a lot of great ideas about handmade products you can get for your daily routine…. maybe to decorate your home or perhaps you want to add and extra color to your outfit. To us is pretty important supporting mexican local crafts and also indigenous culture all over the world. That´s why! we are here, sharing with you some ideas, tutorials, articles and more!


Indiginous paintings
Bird´s eyes view painting
Ethnic blazzer
Handmade jewelry


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